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BC Fetch XML

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
bcfetchxml Brookins Consulting stable 1.1.0 4.0.+
Template operator which simply provides remote xml file loading, optional caching and debugging.

This extension provides for an effective easy to use eZ Publish template operator wrapper for PHP based remote xml url calls and optional url result caching.

Optional caching and advanced debugging / logging parameters are also provided.

Brookins Consulting is proud to announce the upcoming release of BC Fetch XML !


Parameters: fetchxml( $url (url, required), true() (cache, optional (defaults to true)), false() (debug, optional (defaults to false)) )

{def $url=""}
{def $xml=fetchxml( $url )}
{set $xml=fetchxml( $url, true() )}
{set $xml=fetchxml( $url, true(), false() )}
{set $xml=fetchxml( $url, true(), true() )}


Version 1.1.0


This branch of the operator is eZ Publish 4.0+ and PHP5+ Compatible

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