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awisits Hugo Sandoval alpha 0.2.0 4.x
This very simple extension counts the TotalVisits field in awstats files.

AWisits is a very simple extension that use the unix/linux grep command to extract the "TotalVisits" field from *www* files in awstats web page repository. The result is then exploded in php (explode) and sum the array contents.

How to use it

Very simple:

  • Extract the extension under extension folder.
  • Modify settings/awisits.ini.append.php in extension and change the value Files under [AWStats] section, in order to match with your awstats folder repository. To find this folder, look in your home and search for awstats folder that may contain some files named like awstats<MMYYYY>.www.<yourdomain>.txt. This Files value must be something like /home/you_or_your_domain_name/awstats/*www* .
  • Active your awisits extension in admin interface (remember to regenerate autoload array for extensions).
  • Add the following in your pagelayout template or in any template you want, in order to show the number of visits:
{include uri='design:awisits.tpl'}

Don't forget: erase the cache.



awstats visits counter for ezpublish
awstats visits counter for ezpublish

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