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Google Sitemaps

UNIX name Owner Status Version Compatible with
all2egooglesitemaps Norman Leutner planning 1.0.0 4.x (PHP 5)
Cronjob based XML Sitemap generation for the Google Webmaster tools


This extension creates an XML sitemap of an eZ Publish installation for the Google webmaster tools ( and other services using a cronjob.


  • Install the extension
  • Test the extension via command line
  • Set up the crontab
  • Add the site map using the Google Webmaster tools

Installing the extension:

Download the latest release:

Just copy the extension to your eZ Publish extension directory and activate the it by adding the following lines to your site.ini.append.php


After activation the extension you should be able to generate the site map using the runcronjobs.php script.

bash# php runcronjobs.php googlesitemaps
Running cronjob part 'googlesitemaps'
Running extension/all2egooglesitemaps/cronjobs/generate.php
Generating Sitemap...
Sitemap has been generated!

This will create a file called sitemap.xml within your eZ Publish root directory.

Please ensure that your Apache rewrite rules permit access to the XML File when accessing like

This can be done by adding the following lines to your .htaccess or Apache configuration file:

RewriteRule ^sitemap.xml - [L]

After these steps are finished you might add the script to your crontab so it will be generated frequently. You should also take a look at the googlesitemaps.ini.append.php configuration file.

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