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Adding a New Embed List Sub-Items Style

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adding_a_new_embed_list_sub-items_style Paul Wilson planning 0.1 3.9.0+

An overview of the process for adding an embed list sub-items style.
These are the styles/templates that list object sub-items (eg a list
recent news, products, etc.) This activity is simple enough, but as
usual, it costs time to find out ... or to remember.

Examples of embed list sub-item styles are shown in the image below.
This document answers the question ... "How to I add a new template
for one of these?"
The answer: Basically an override - and this document indicates the
other content.ini settings to add too.
Not rocket science, but I find myself forgetting these things - and it
costs time to rediscover the which setting, where, why
Hope this spares you some time for something good / fun / worthwhile.


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